About Us

In 2005, Ageless Cures founder, Jo, was looking for ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle in which she could alleviate minor pain following exercise. A friend recommended she take Curcumin to help with joint support.

After looking for it online and in local stores with no luck, Jo contacted the company that supplied Curcumin to various labs around the USA.  When they relayed to her the large minimum quantities needed for wholesale purchase, Jo knew she had to start a business to support her own need as well as broadening access for others.

Since the very beginning, Jo has been committed to manufacturing and supplying the purest Curcumin. While many companies today blend Curcumin with “Curcuma Longa” (aka turmeric), Ageless Cures remains true to its purity standards. Jo and her entire family takes these products every day – from the Curcumin products to the liquid Advanced Multi Vitamin to the Liquid B12. As a staple in her home, she continues to grow this company so others can integrate wellness into their own spheres.

With the core Ayurvedic theory that nature has an answer for every human need,  Ageless Cures thrives as a safe, organic supplement line for all.