Xr400R Street Legal

STREET LEGAL Dirt Bike. Works very well. Registration valid until February 2018. Pink briefs in hand. Very clean for the age of this bike. Great on gas! It`s a tough bike to find for road approval! New mirrors, turn signals and lights. According to the announcement, this 2002 model is “plated and legal on the street”. The seller also says that he cleaned the carburetor since the bike had been sitting for some time and he installed new Continental dual sport tires. The lighting set comes from Baja Designs, with the stator turned over to handle the extra electrical charge.

The bike also features a White Bros. exhaust and new replacement clutch and throttle cables. The seller also attaches riding equipment (helmet, boots, etc.) to the bike. The offer price is $2,300 and conditions are cash only. Do you want a Honda CRF450L but don`t have the dough? This could be an alternative for you, an off-road motorcycle set up for on-road use. If that`s what you`re interested in, call this guy (the number is in the Craigslist ad) and live your Mondo Sahara dreams on your new Big Red Pig. Or is it a little red pig? Maybe an average red pig? Read this thread: www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=281966&highlight=CALIFORNIA+legal In Nevada it was super easy, take the motorcycle to any motorcycle store and they fill out the DMV checklist to make sure you have mirrors, lights, etc. Then bring the form to the DMV and arrowheads.

My bike came from Cali and was street legal there, so it can definitely be done. I`m sure the CA DMV website has information about this. Nowadays, OEMs mainly build highly specialized dual-sport motorcycles (expensive European-style enduros) or very affordable (Honda CRF250L, etc.). But a few years ago, when motorcycle sales were booming and emissions regulations weren`t as restrictive, the focus was more on versatile machines, motorcycles that ran decently off-road, but weren`t quite terrible on the road either. The 650cc class is a good example of this, but there was also a strong 350-400 class, often with a road-legal version of the bike, and a stripped-down version that was only capable off-road. I am in the process of converting the 1999 XR 400 to a legal road. Does anyone have any suggestions for making it legal in Tennessee? 2003 Honda Xr 400R 400R, Honda XR400R, Street Legal, registered in California. Large capacity Clark tank, IMS footrests, Renthal rods, XR manifold and hose only with silencer, 36mm Mikuni pump carburetor, 200 watt Ricky stator, new gears and enduro chain, custom underrun protection plate, new plastics, new front tire, Baja Designs Street Legal conversion kit with speedometer. Very nice reliable motorcycle $3,900.00 9513150430 Honda XR400R 2004, excellent condition, ride.

Legal street with title Arizona. Additional tanks in the desert. Rear brake lamp. Aluminum protective plate. Additional filters and bark breakers. Great reliable trail bike. That`s where the Honda XR400R comes in. It wasn`t legal for the road from the factory, at least not in the US, but it was exactly what many dual-sport drivers were looking for: reasonably light, rugged, and competent. 09 DR-Z 400 S in good condition, has 11.0XX K above, has two Bros Pipe and Jetted, has oversized poles, the bike is mainly in stock. It has 60/40 off-road/on-road tires that are still in good condition. I just installed a brand new SHORAI battery that was turned on ($185) (08/22/14) when the original battery failed.

The bike works very well, encourages and is very fun to ride. The miles are mostly roads with a few on dirt roads and the like. The oil and filter were changed every 1000 miles with Mobil 1 10W-40. The last change was at 11K. Bike can be seen in Morven, NC 28119 if you are interested. If you have any questions, please call ZACH@570-317-4459 / please do not send scammers/spammers! 1999 Honda XR400R in great shape. Low mileage and is very clean. Except for the exhaust and handlebars made entirely of bone. Perfect trail bike. Works strongly.

Bulletproof and very powerful. Well maintained. I didn`t drive it much, so I decided to sell. Clean up WA titles on my behalf with new ORV tags. Can be made legal for the road with proper equipment. The bike doesn`t need anything. Ready for the trails! – FMF PowerCore 4 exhaust – Renthal handlebar asking for $2950. Please no trades The 400 had good suspension from Showa (fully adjustable shock absorber; forks had compression and rebound damping). It had a claimed dry weight of 257 pounds (117 kg), so it wasn`t super lightweight, but it wasn`t as porky as legal street competition either. The XR400R comes with a 21-inch front wheel and an 18-inch rear wheel as well as single disc brakes at the front and rear. However, the ultimate upgrade for many drivers was street lighting.

The XR was lighter and more powerful than the 350cc motorcycles from Yamaha and Suzuki, so why didn`t Honda legalize it on the road as well? Hard to say, but the owners took matters into their own hands as Big Red wouldn`t be playing ball.