Wreck Definition

Ultimately, the design promises to reduce the deep rotational forces that brain tissue beats into the skull during a wreck. Right now, I`m much more laid back when it comes to my hair being a wreck or whatever. She saw on the chair a thin, broken figure, a drawn brown face, a man`s wreck. To destroy something means to destroy, ruin or seriously damage it. It is often used in connection with the destruction of physical objects, as in He destroyed the car when he crashed into the tree. Your home could be a wreck after visiting 3-year-old twins. You could be an emotional wreck after an argument with your boyfriend. A sunken ship is a wreck or wreck. If you hit that phone pole, you got a wreck, and you can also call your mutilated car a wreck.

The next time you walk out with the car keys, your mom might say, “Don`t break the car!” and hope you`ll bring it back in one piece. These sample phrases are automatically selected from various online information sources to reflect the current use of the word “wreck”. The views expressed in the examples do not represent the views of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us your feedback. Or for the first time if you missed the glorious Sex Pistols train crash. I`m getting older, because after Godzilla destroyed the city in the new movie, I said, “Well, what taxes are going to raise to clean up this mess?” Vandals had completely destroyed the interior of the building. Spanish treasure ship wrecked off the Florida Keys Big Bird`s honest response will ruin you emotionally in a way that even The Fault in Our Stars can`t. Wreck is often used figuratively to describe a person who is in poor health or who feels emotionally or mentally ill, as stress reduces them to a nervous wreck. We love train wrecks because they make us feel better about our own problems. This shows the percentage of groundfish from each wreck, which are about a certain length. During the circumnavigation of Cape Flinders, there appears to be a considerable reduction in the remains of the wreck of the Frederick. There are few things sadder than seeing a boy you have deified turned into a wreck of his former self.

Which of the following words is synonymous with wreck? An old horse, whose tracks hang down and a wreck is harnessed, stands sniffing next to the boy. Wreck is also used more specifically to refer to sunken or wrecked ships, as in The Diver Went to the Bottom of the Sea to Explore the Wreck. The word shipwreck means the same thing. Many years ago, when a clergyman from the Cornish coast was in the middle of his sermon, the alarm sounded: a wreck! The accident occurred on the first lap as the drivers were taking their first steps and Grosjean`s car made contact with Daniil Kyvat in the third corner at the Bahrain International Circuit in Sakhir. The word wreck refers to the remains of something that has been destroyed. The first mentions of the word shipwreck date back to the early 1200s. It comes from the Old Danish wrækæ. The words wreck (as in wreck and ruin) and wreak (as in wreak havoc) are related. The storm was still ongoing and the steamer was briefly in danger of becoming a complete wreck. Example: I cried so much at the end of the film that I was an emotional wreck for the rest of the day. Wreck is also commonly used as a name, referring to something that has been destroyed or turned into a ruin, such as a building, as in All that remained of the house after the fire was a burnt wreck.

A wreck is something that has been destroyed. Your hair could be a wreck after a bad day at the hairdresser. Your car could be a wreckage after hitting a telephone pole. Despite its impressive rainy day fund, its state budget is a wreck. Faced with such a car accident involving several vehicles, voters naturally closed their doors and the turnout is expected to be extremely low. The name and meaning of the shipwreck verb usually implies things that are ruined, destroyed, or violently damaged, not just slightly damaged or mixed. A car accident involves an accident that causes irreparable damage to the car. A demolition ball is used to demolish buildings. When rain thwarts your plans for a day outdoors, it ruins them and forces you to do something else. A person who is an emotional wreck is not acceptable – his emotional state has been severely broken or damaged. Non-physical things can also be destroyed, as Tom`s poor planning destroyed his chances of completing his homework in time to go to baseball practice.