Who Is Law Roach to Zendaya

From 2016 to 2018, he was a judge on the hit TV show America`s Next Top Model. Law also works with other stars such as Zendaya co-star Hunter Schafer, his handsome Tom Holland, Halsey and Venus Williams. He has also worked with Celine Dion, Anya Taylor Joy, Kerry Washington, Addison Rae, Priyanka Chopra and more! Last year, Law Roach designed 32 magazine covers as well as advertising campaigns for some of the world`s most prestigious fashion houses, including Valentino and Bulgari. Her talent and popularity in the fashion industry led FASHION Magazine to win the Stylist Award for the cover of its November 2022 issue. When she thinks back to Zendaya`s appearance over the years, including her iconic appearances at the Met Gala and major awards ceremonies, she doesn`t just get a glance. Instead, Law Roach always brings new ideas to the 25-year-old Emmy winner. And his ability to communicate and share each other`s vision is undoubtedly why Zendaya has become a style icon. According to CheatSheet, Law Roach has an estimated net worth between $1 million and $5 million. That`s the ultimate collaboration, I think. We have that trust in each other. Let me do my job and let them do theirs.

It`s really hard to explain, but it`s honestly perfect. My job for so many years has been to bring him things, to find his things, to show him, to explain to him, to teach him. When I`m excited and I bring things to her, she sees my excitement, she`s excited. And we challenge each other. We challenge each other to keep it fresh and be everything you just said. Corey was born and raised in New Jersey. Double major in Theatre and Literature during undergraduate studies. After working at the Administrative Theater in New York for a year, he joined CinemaBlend as a weekend editor. Since then, he`s been able to make his way through critics, phones and press junkets – and is now able to get in front of the camera with some of his famous actors.

But not in the way he would have imagined it as a child. A few hours after our interview, Zendaya, Roach`s team and crew are long gone. He has pulled himself out of his chic glory and is back in the long denim coat, plastic pantas and (yes!) fluffy socks he arrived in. No longer in front of the camera, Roach effortlessly returns to his backstage role, asking to see all the footage of the day to choose his favorites. With expert accuracy, he identifies why some photos work (he likes unexpected poses, movements, and compositions) and others don`t (everything revolves around that frame!), and it`s easy to see why he`s gone beyond the title of “stylist.” He is passionate, apologizes to himself and stands on his own two feet – as he should. “Our relationship has really, really become more family-oriented. We have been together for so long. I think she saw me grow up, and I saw her grow from a girl to a woman, and it makes me just and well, like my sister,” he added. We have been able to develop our careers with smaller emerging and independent brands and designers. Because I think when we started, we were considered aspirants. That`s how it was,” Roach says. “If you look at the things she wears, she still carries a lot of independent and promising designers.

Peter Do, Christopher Esber, Christopher John Rogers. We stay true to that identity because it worked for us and we feel really good. Celebrity stylist Law Roach is often credited with Celine Dion`s triumphant fashion transformation and has worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, including Ariana Grande, Zendaya, Monica Brown, Brandy and Jessie J. “I don`t know if we pushed each other stylistically, but very quickly when I started working with her, We have really reached the ideal point. where I could almost see the clothes as if I were them,” Law shared. “And choosing things that make you feel something, that I know if I get the clothes or the dress from anywhere in the world, if I bring them to her and she puts them on, she will feel something. And that`s basically all I`m looking for. “When she was 14, she didn`t know much about fashion and we started learning from each other. And I think I had a little more say in the look,” Roach says over the phone. “But now she`s an adult woman. I think she`s grown, not just in the way she chooses me and works with me, but in everything.

It`s a woman now. The stylist and judge of America`s Next Topmodel works with Hollywood stars and is the man behind reinventing Celine Dion`s style. He added: “So, everyone who loves Legendary, please talk to HBO Max and help us get another season.” Law Roach is currently one of the most sought-after stylists – and for good reason. Not only was the 44-year-old recently named to TIME`s 100 Next series for emerging executives, but he also received the 2022 CFDA Stylist Award. Roach`s tendency to roast candidates, however, doesn`t seem to translate into real life. He reveals that he considers “Legendary Law” to be a character. “When I sit in that chair, I turn into someone else,” he laughs. “I can play one on TV, and I like it.

The comments come from a place of hard love. I will say shocking things, but then I will turn around and encourage you, love you and support you. Next to the video, he wrote: “THANK YOU ALL. for amazing birthday gifts and love! I am so grateful to be able to share my life and experiences with my tribe. I`m upset, ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love you. Roach worked with the former Disney star for years and became co-creative director of Zendaya`s clothing and footwear line, Daya.