Bolo Toss Rules

Ladder Toss is the only time it`s an acceptable label to distract people around a (tasteful) ladder. Your group may promote humorous distractions, but don`t go too far by touching your opponent or his bolas during a throw. And although there is no unfortunate place to cross with these ladders, please wait to go to one of them until all the bolas have been thrown away. Unlike the actual golf game, the gentleman`s game, Ladder Golf favors remarks, sounds, and/or movements to distract your opponent. However, touching a player or his bolas is against the rules. No player is allowed to go to scale until the end of each round. Now that you understand the terminology, etiquette, and guidelines, you`re ready to play golf to scale at your barbecues, tailgates, beach days, and family events. Enjoy! The Ladder Golf ® game is played in rounds and usually a coin throw determines which player goes first. Each player has three bolas and must throw their three bolas before another player can leave. The goal is to catch the bolas on one of the rungs, the upper rung is worth three points, the second is worth two, and the lower rung is worth one point. There is no fixed way to throw a bola, so a player can throw as he/she wants and can even throw a bola on the ground. The player with the most points at the end of the round is allowed to throw first in the next round. Once a trick has been played, the points are added.

The bolas still suspended are rewarded with points. It is correct, even encouraged, to beat the bolas of other players in the ranks; In this case, these bolas do not count as points. The first player to score exactly 21 points is the winner. If a player exceeds 21 points, the points he earned during that round do not count. Players must throw bolas from a line 15 feet from the ladder. We don`t expect garden players to measure 15 feet accurately for 5 steps of the ladder to work just as well! Simply put, throw a bolo (a piece of rope with a golf ball attached to both ends) at a ladder (usually made of PVC plastic pipes) in the hope that it will curl up and stick to one of the individual rungs of the ladder. What rung of the ladder holds your bolo to finally determine your score, or if your throw simply “cancels” that of your challenger. Before playing your new Ladder Golf game, please read ALL warnings and rules. Your game offers lifetime gameplay when used as intended and recorded correctly. Don`t forget to play it safe, have fun and opt for the ten-point throw! To play a ladder throwing game, you need two to four players.

Position the playground so that there are 15 feet between the vertical ladders. Note that this measurement starts from the base of the ladder and not from the outstretched legs of the structure. If you don`t have a tape measure on hand, five steps are enough. Although this game has many names, most are very similar, although there are slight differences in the rules of each game. The goal of Ladder Ball is simple; for fun, but before you start playing, make sure you have the official Ladder Golf brand game ®. If you`re the kind of person who doesn`t like to read the rules, then stay with me for a few more lines. Place the game masters about 15 feet apart and throw away your bolas. Each player throws the 3 bolas, then the next player throws the 3 bolas. The first at 21 years old without leaving is the winner! The upper step is 3 points, the middle step is 2 and the lower step i is 1 point. You see, I told you it was easy and read on for all the details. To understand Ladder Golf ®, it is important to know the “jargon” associated with the game.

SCALES It`s no surprise that a key element of the driver`s throw lies in the name itself. However, these are not the kind of ladders you would use to climb your roof. In this game, you need two structures that have three levels of different colors. These are usually about 13 feet apart and serve as targets. Ladders are often made of hard plastic, metal or wood and most can be dismantled or folded for easy storage and portability. Before the match, a line must be fixed 5 steps from the ladder. This is called the throwing line. The official throwing line is 15 feet away, but most players measure 5 steps from the game master to set the throwing line. This allows for a narrower throwing line for children`s play. Ladder Golf is played in rounds, each round consists of all players who throw 3 bolas.

A coin throw is used to decide which player or team to throw first. The first player must throw the 3 bolas before the next player can throw his bolas. Bolas can be thrown as the player wishes, provided they are launched individually and can bounce off the ground. The winner of the round wins the first throw in the next round. The games are played with an exact score of 21.