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The intense emotions of losing a loved one can strain family relationships during succession, especially if there are concerns about how to deal with the estate or the actions of others. For more than two decades, Bingham Legal Group PC`s legal team has provided strong and comprehensive representation with a solution-oriented approach. We are effective in the resolution of probate disputes as well as in all other aspects of estate administration. Whether there are concerns about breach of fiduciary duty, disagreements over estates or disputes over distributions, our lawyers defend the interests of our clients. Whether you are involved in an estate dispute or in the creation of your first estate plan, our legal team provides attentive and dedicated service and enthusiastic and efficient representation. Bingham achieved great results for me in a very controversial real estate battle. Everyone took great care of me. Lauren understood my needs and helped me through a terrible time. I will never forget the great work they did for me. My case was really complicated and my sister did everything she could to take away my inheritance. Lauren got my legacy and has helped me every step of the way since.

They are tough lawyers who really know the law, who know a courtroom well and who are very good with people. You`ve done all my legal needs for many years, you won`t go wrong if you choose Bingham Legal Group. Bingham Legal Group PC`s legal team strives to be a long-term partner to its clients. From young couples looking to make their first will together to adult children whose parents have just died, Bingham Legal Group PC works one-on-one with its clients to help them make informed decisions. At Bingham Legal Group PC, you can rest assured that the advice you receive comes from our qualified and knowledgeable team of lawyers and legal assistants working together to your advantage. Everyone in our firm is a valued employee who strives to provide our clients with a good experience at every stage of the legal process. When you work with Bingham Legal Group PC, you can count on the service you receive. Whether we`re advocating heavily for your best interest or providing administrative advice, we want you to feel heard, respected, and safe in the legal decisions that will affect your future. Please contact our office today by filling out the form below or call 248-952-8783 to speak directly to one of our employees. Lauren and her team worked for me on a difficult and controversial family file and did a great job. The opposing lawyer for the appointed trustee tried to override certain guardianships and tried to make me believe that I was wrong in my understanding of the trust. Lauren conducted an in-depth analysis of the trust and the designated trustee`s accounting practices, and was able to obtain the correct payments from the beneficiaries and prove that the opposing advice was wrong in the interpretation of the trust.

They explained everything and were very pleasant to work with. I have always felt confident and confident in the skills of this team!! Ms. Underwood is extremely knowledgeable, highly professional, efficient and empathetic. I would consult them again without hesitation. As a licensed lawyer, I have seen first-hand good lawyers and not so good lawyers. I recommend Lauren Underwood and all the professionals at Bingham Legal Group.l have used them several times and have never been disappointed. These are the BEST!!.