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Chief Justice Hinkson has issued COVID-19-40 notice to replace COVID-19-26. As of July 27, 2020, the parties must file and serve the pleadings, files and certificate of procedure in accordance with the civil rules of the Supreme Court and the family rules of the Supreme Court. The deadlines set out in COVID-19 Notice No. 26 for the submission and delivery of examination documents, study documents and process certificates no longer apply. The court`s direction that TMCs must proceed by telephone, unless the court orders otherwise, remains in effect. For more information, click here. The court record is the public record of court proceedings. It is accessible to any person who pays the costs of the search at the registry of the court where the file is kept. Someone who is interested in “closing” or “sealing” court cases in which they have been involved must explain to a judge or judge why the records should not be publicly available. However, access is restricted if the case involves the following actions: August 27, 2019 – eNews – Free Legal Advice for Low-Income People – B.C. lawyers volunteer at outdoor clinics in September Court records contain many different documents on a legal issue. Public access to court records and documents is determined by the guidelines of the Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court of British Columbia and the Provincial Court.

The guidelines set the direction for access to criminal, family and civil records. Court records include divorce records, estate records, wills, court orders and judgments, case records, bankruptcy records, case books, bank books, records, etc. October 20, 2020 – eNews – Free Legal Research Webinar for Journalists October 20 However, before the 1980s, there was no timetable for registration – each court kept its own records and independently determined their retention. As a result, court records from the 1980s and earlier are inconsistent and may not be available. restrict access to court records from the outset. December 06, 2019 – eNews – Use blogs, podcasts, videos, etc. for legal research Use the Clicklaw help card to find someone in your community who can help you with legal issues. To view the records of a RTA dispute, you must complete a request for public information from the Civil Dispute Resolution Tribunal, which is available on the RTA`s website. You do not need to use the form to view a CRT decision. Decisions are publicly published on the RTA website. British Columbia Supreme Court trials will resume on June 8, 2020 in several courthouses.

Some changes in courtrooms and courthouses are required to comply with public health directives and orders regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Legal professionals, the public and the media need to be aware of new measures and precautions to ensure safety during court proceedings. For more information, click here. Please also note the Attorney General`s information on COVID-19 court collection operations, which summarizes the measures taken to ensure security in courthouses and courtrooms. To order copies of court records, please read Court Order Records To access active court records, please contact the registry of the court where the case was filed. Court records marked for permanent preservation will be transferred to the British Columbia Archives at the end of their retention period if they are no longer actively used by the court registry. Retention periods and final order for court records are listed in the approved case plan for court services. The British Columbia Provincial Court`s policy: Access to Court Records deals with access to court records for family matters. In particular, subsection 174(1) of the Rule states that, unless the court decides otherwise, only the following persons may search a court record: The Civil Resolution Tribunal`s Access to Information and Confidentiality Policy states that most information collected from the parties during the litigation process will be shared with the other parties and their representatives. In some cases, members of the public may also have access to the RTA`s dispute resolution records if authorized to do so in the policy document. Where court records are subject to access restrictions, these restrictions apply to protect the right to privacy and ensure the proper administration of justice.

Many access restrictions issued by the Supreme or Provincial Court of British Columbia remain in effect during and often after an appeal. You can use the following template to browse the decisions of the British Columbia Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of British Columbia available on this website. More information on legal research can be found in the Legal Research section of this website. February 20, 2019 – Announcement – Judge appointed January 22, 2019 – eNews – Can I bring a dispute to Small Claims Court for more than $35,000? June 30, 2020 – eNews – Key Contributions of Judicial Judges to the Court`s Response to the Pandemic September 19, 2019 – Updates to the 2013 Criminal Practice Guidelines CPD-1, CRIM 02 and CRIM 05 May 07, 2019 – eNews – Why don`t teens get “harder” rates? December 1, 2020 – Supplement to the Provincial Court Judge (November 30, 2020) July 10, 2020 COVID-19 NOTICE NO. 36 – CASE PLANNING CONFERENCES September 24, 2019 – eNews – Changes to the Lawyer Referral Service and The Composition of the Act effective September 20, 2019, April 2020 and for the duration of the suspension of regular operations at the Supreme Court of British Columbia, parties can file documents electronically using the basic BCeID. For more information, click here. September 25, 2018 – eNews – New page “What can I expect in court?” July 10, 2020 REVISED COVID-19 NOTICE NO. 34 – EXPANSION OF COURT OPERATIONS – PERSONAL REGISTRATION SERVICES January 7, 2020 – eNews – The Court receives 2 Clawbies Awards! October 29, 2019 – Time to Trial – Update (as of September 30, 2019). March 27, 2020 – Revised AFFIDAVITS NP 20 for Use in Court Proceedings April 28, 2020 – Message from the Chief Justice, April 28, 2020 March 10, 2020 – eNews – Which judge had a pseudonym? May 21, 2020 – eNews – What to expect at a TPC hearing by phone or video for a family or small claim held on June 4, 2020 May 2020, will continue until further notice for all criminal cases where the trial has been adjourned or may be postponed due to the direct or indirect impact of the public health emergency. This revised notice states that lawyers are no longer required to complete and file the PTC CV form, but will appear in the PTC CV and will be informed and informed of the case. To view the notice, click here. June 8, 2020 – eNews – How the Heiltsuk Nation Surprised Judge Hoy During the COVID-19 health emergency, the Supreme Court introduced a temporary procedure for Section 490 claims.

These updated notes describe some of the changes to the procedure. For more details, click here. 5 June 2020 – Announcement – 2 judges reappointed 12. June 2020 – eNews – Message from the Chief Justice: How the Provincial Court of British Columbia overcame the challenges of COVID-19 January 29, 2020 – eNews – Revised Shortlists for Offenders March 15, 2019 – Note to the Profession – NP 17 Changes to Prov Ct Civil Jurisdiction (CRT Accident Claims). 27 February 2020 REVISED CPD-4 – PROCEDURE FOR MONITORING DETENTION UNDER ARTICLE 525 OF THE CRIMINAL CODE. September 25, 2020 (eff. September 28) – Revised CRIM Practice Guidelines 12: Pre-Trial Criminal Conferences During COVID-19 July 13, 2020 COVID-19 NOTICE NO. 37 – MEDIA ADVISORY REGARDING ACCESS TO COURT PROCEEDINGS. July 28, 2020 – The first Iranian-born law firms in Canada typically destroy records after 15 years, but some documents (mostly court orders) are sent to provincial archives. There are exceptions, so some of the court records sent to the archives contain more types of documents than others.

To find out if the archives contain a specific document, contact bc Archives and give them as much information as possible. They will be able to tell you if they are likely to have the material and what is needed to get it. October 10, 2019 – NP 18 Domestic Violence Case Hearing Location in CDC`s Watershed Further revisions to the COVID-19 Notice have been made. 14 clarify that a party may make only one application at a time by means of written observations per file. July 8, 2019 – eNews – British Columbia Provincial Court Small Claims Court Guide July 20, 2020 REVISIONS TO NOTICE NO COVID-19. 14 – REQUESTS BY WRITTEN OBSERVATIONS 19. February 2019 – eNews – Listen to the speakers and participate in ephemeral discussions on important access to justice issues! April 23, 2019 – eNews – A new Fraser Valley courthouse has its source in Abbotsford. October 8, 2019 – eNews – Chat with Chiefs and an LS 09 October 2018 – eNews – Yes, the PROVINCIAL COURT of British Columbia and its judges are responsible! JUNE 30, 2020 ANNOUNCEMENT COVID-19 NO. 30 – CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS – APPLICATIONS UNDER P.

490 OF THE CRIMINAL CODE (NEW DETENTION OF SEIZED PROPERTY) March 12, 2020 – Provincial Court COVID-19 Response August 13, 2019 – eNews – Lawyers! Consider applying for a part-time position as a judicial judge 15. October 2019 – eNews – The Justice Hack 2019 – A2J Hackathons in Vancouver and Victoria August 06, 2019 – eNews – Lawyers offer free mediation services for family court disputes at the Richmond and Robson Square Provincial Courthouses To search for Provincial Court decisions, please visit the Provincial Court Decisions Search page.