Bar Tudo Legal Silva Lobo

In the capital of bars, the cool everything could not be missed! Apart from a mistake, there are five units in bra, the most traditional Paulo Afonso. Good service, cold beer, well prepared menu and well taken into account with prices. Excellent value for money. All right. with friends or for flirting, usually fill from Thursday to Sunday. More. Information about Bar Tudo Legal – Grajaú, restaurant in Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais). I usually order Grill for delivery. purchased for delivery and they have no obligation of delays.

They don`t answer the phone. Lousy!!! “Restaurant with a huge choice and very tasty food. You don`t even need sushi and parrilla (which cost the price per kilo) to eat well and leave satisfied. The only thing, except for the little coke light, is. » What is the standard delivery time for Tudo Legal Silva Lobo Bar Tudo Legal – Grajaú – Av. Silva Lobo, 2039 – Grajaú, Belo Horizonte – MG, 30431-262, Brazil? Really a simple bar, but it surprised me, first by the variety of drinks and also with. a complete menu in snacks, I point this out to everyone. Your order at Rappi at Tudo Legal Silva Lobo Bar Tudo Legal – Grajaú – Av. Silva Lobo, 2039 – Grajaú, Belo Horizonte – MG, 30431-262, Brazil was r$ 0. You can use RappiPrime to save this amount if you wish. “Everything is very tasty, but with two great highlights: the best fried potato of all and very delicious feijoada! Everything visibly very carefully done! I`m a fan! » Here you will find the location, opening hours, busiest time, contact, photos and reviews from real customers.

This place has a good rating, it means that they treat their customers well and provide excellent service, 100%! recommended! Time-consuming service, waiter with nasty “guy”. We ordered a Picanha to the point and came almost raw. We ordered the very brown French fries and came knowing that I thought they had been scared. finally we ordered a caramelized banana that took a century (I think. who forgot it) and when it arrived it was hard. TERRIBLE. Nicer atmosphere, moderately clean bathrooms, cold beer and delicious snacks. Good service. Location easily accessible, with large balcony with many tables and has a large living room with tables in the living room.